Solo Flute



Diandya is an expressive and evocative solo piece. The timbral development features use of various tremolos, and a short section is semi-improvised (the composer provides pitches but leaves rhythms, dynamics, and phrases to be improvised by the...



The title “Fluxion” refers to the state of the melodic and timbral materials used in the piece. As stated by the composer, “During my time in New York I was surrounded by an incredible amount of sonic experimentation by my colleagues...



Snowblink was written to serve as a pedagogical work, utilizing various extended techniques and featuring other new music conventions within a clear formal structure and with detailed notation information. A “snowblink” is a white reflection...

Two Skazkas for Solo Flute


Bulgarian piano prodigy Lora Al-Ahmad traveled to New York City in her teens to further her training, and while at the Mannes School began studying composition with Lowell Liebermann. Among the first fruit of her fascinating talents is Two Skazkas for...

Twelve Fantasias - Telemann


Composer: Georg Phillipp Telemann Editor: Marion BeyerSeries: Henle Music FolioAside from the Partita in A minor by Johann Sebastian Bach (HN 457) and the Sonata in a minor by his son Carl Philipp Emanuel (HN 555), it was also mainly Telemann's 12...