Our Trial Program

Pictures and lists of product specs help in choosing an instrument, but selecting an instrument is a personal experience that requires time with the instruments. We make it easy to play instruments before you make a decision, offering in-store and out-of-store trials.

 How it works

We will ship up to 2 flutes and 3 headjoints to your home so you can compare to your current instrument, bring them to a lesson, and truly get to know each instrument.


  • You will have 7 days from the date of delivery to try your selections
  • Fill out a short contact form to request a trial
  • We will respond to your inquiry and confirm your selections
  • We require a signed instrument trial form, a credit card on file, and a 20% deposit for trials
  • By the 7th date of your trial contact us and let us know which instruments you will be returning
  • If you do not contact us on or before the 7th day of your trial you agree to purchase all items in your trial shipment; we will charge your credit card for the remainder of the purchase price
  • A return shipping label and instructions for shipping your return will be included in your shipment
  • If you decide to make a purchase we will apply your deposit toward the purchase price
  • If you decide to return your entire selection we will refund your deposit less a $25 return shipping fee
  • You are liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged merchandise from the time of delivery until merchandise is delivered back to our store

Getting started

Check out our store to find: instruments, mouthpieces, and headjoints you are interested in trying.


Once you’ve made your selections fill out our short contact form and let us know which instruments and headjoints you would like to try.