Di Zhao Flutes


Di Zhao Flutes was founded in 2006 with the goal of producing the world’s finest student flutes. After two decades in the music industry, Mr. Zhao saw a need to improve both the quality of student models and make them easily accessible to young musicians around the world. To provide a high quality instrument for young musicians is to secure the future of music; these words have become the company’s guiding principle across all endeavors.

By combining the craftsmanship and tradition of Boston’s finest flute makers with the modern techniques of the world’s leading instrument factories, Di Zhao flutes developed its now- renowned “handmade” student flutes. These instruments have helped fulfill the musical ambitions and nurture the passions of thousands of young flutists around the world.

Di Zhao Flute - DZ-700


Crafted with the dedicated flutist in mind, this flute features a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint and sterling silver body. Combined with open holes, B footjoint, silver-plated keys, pointed arms, and the option of inline or offset G, these flutes...

Di Zhao Flute - DZ-600


Designed for the serious flutist, the DZ-600 features a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint designed to provide depth of sound and range of colors. Paired with a sterling silver body, open holes, B footjoint, silver-plated keys, Y arms, and the option of...