Resona Headjoints


For more than 30 years, Burkart has been a trusted name in flutes and piccolos. As the flute maker’s reputation grew, teachers asked for a lower-priced piccolo that would still meet the same high quality standards. In 2003, Lillian Burkart and Jim Phelan started a quest to provide a silver-plated instrument using Burkart’s renowned scale.

Soon after the success of the Resona piccolo, developments began for a Resona flute. Today, the Resona flute is a favorite choice for the advancing flutist, offering the same quality and craftsmanship found in the Burkart flutes.

Resona Headjoint - Silver


The solid silver Resona headjoint gives advancing players access to Burkart design at an attractive price. A number of lip plate and riser customizations are available. Learn about features Click a feature below to learn more Gold, Riser

Resona Piccolo Headjoint


Built by hand in the tradition established by Lillian Burkart, the Resona piccolo headjoint is made of aged hand-cut grenadilla wood. It is sure to provide players with a range of dynamics and depth of sound usually only available in professional models...