Amadeus Flutes


Amadeus flutes reflect the passion and dedicated craftsmanship present in Wm. S. Haynes flutes. Master flute-makers design and work on each flute before it leaves the Boston workshop, and each flute is set up by a professional at the Boston Haynes Shop right before it is shipped, ensuring the pads are sealed evenly and the mechanism feels crisp.

For decades, discerning flutists have sought out the “Haynes sound,” defined by a beautiful core with rich colors. Continuing that tradition, Amadeus flutes come standard with a professional Haynes Classic hand-cut headjoint, cut by the same master headjoint maker who cuts all Haynes professional headjoints. The Classic headjoint allows players to explore a wide range of tone colors with depth and agility.

All Amadeus flutes include a French style case with nylon cover, cleaning rod, and polishing cloth.

Amadeus Flute - AF780


The most professional flute in the Amadeus line, the 780 features a sterling silver hand-cut Amadeus or Classic headjoint. Paired with a sterling silver body, silver-plated mechanism, open holes, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, B footjoint, and...

Amadeus Flute - AF680


With its choice of hand-cut Amadeus or Classic sterling silver headjoint, the Amadeus 680 offers a professional sound to flutists of all abilities. Combined with its silver-plated body and mechanism, open holes, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, B...

Amadeus Flute - AF580


Combining affordability with the revered Haynes sound, the Amadeus 580 is the perfect match for the advancing student flutist. With its sterling silver lip-plate and riser, the hand-cut Amadeus headjoint offers each player a wide range of colors and...