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Schmitt Music has been a trusted partner to musicians in the upper Midwest since 1896. Our flute showroom in Bloomington, MN has been connecting our community with the world’s finest flutes since its launch in 2015.

We strive to provide all players with the resources they need to perfect their sound. As professional flutists, educators, and technicians, we understand selecting an instrument is a very personal decision that takes careful consideration. Our specialists are here to make finding your flute an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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The title “Fluxion” refers to the state of the melodic and timbral materials used in the piece. As stated by the composer, “During my time in New York I was surrounded by an incredible amount of sonic experimentation by my colleagues...



Leaves is a duo in five short movements: I. pensive (alto flute, vibraphone); II. dreamily (flute, crotales and vibraphone); III. floating, effortless (piccolo, crotales); IV. focused (alto flute, vibraphone); V. powerful, radiating (flute, vibraphone)...



Starlings are sociable birds native to or naturalized throughout much of the world. Their feathers, their flocking behaviors (called murmurations), and their calls served as a point of departure for this piece through subtle shimmers, staggered...

Two Skazkas for Solo Flute


Bulgarian piano prodigy Lora Al-Ahmad traveled to New York City in her teens to further her training, and while at the Mannes School began studying composition with Lowell Liebermann. Among the first fruit of her fascinating talents is Two Skazkas for...