Sonaré Flutes


Verne Powell developed the Ardeleve flute around 1951 by placing a Powell headjoint on a flute made in France. The Powell Sonaré model is based on this concept and was established in 2002. Each Powell Sonaré flute features a hand-cut headjoint and body made at the Boston area shop. Powell Sonaré models are available in a range of levels, allowing players to perform with the renowned Powell sound.

Powell Flute - Sonaré 705


The most professional model in the Sonaré line, the 705 boasts a hand-cut sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint and sterling silver body tube, providing projection, resonance, and control throughout all ranges of the instrument. The silver...

Powell Flute - Sonaré 601


With its choice of sterling silver or upgraded Powell Signature headjoints, this flute is a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. Paired with a sterling silver body and silver-plated mechanism, this instrument provides a variety of timbral...

Powell Flute - Sonaré 505


Using the same headjoint found on professional flutes, the Sonaré 505 features a sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint, instrumental in achieving the Powell sound. The hand-cut headjoint is paired with a silver-plated body, open holes, B...

Powell Flute - Sonaré 501


Featuring a hand-cut sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint, the Sonaré 501 is one of the most popular intermediate flutes available. Combined with a silver-plated body, this flute allows players of all ages to achieve the virtuosic Powell...