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Harmony Flutes


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Altus Alto Flute - 1000


Representing the finest Altus alto flute, the 1000 features an all sterling silver tube, drawn tone holes, and silver-plated mechanism, making it a top choice for professionals. This flute includes plateau keys, offset G key, split E mechanism, and pearl...

Altus Alto Flute - 800


The handmade 800 Series models feature a sterling silver lip plate and riser on an all silver-plated tube. These flutes include drawn tone holes, split E mechanism, and plateau keys and are available with straight headjoint, curved headjoint, or...

Altus Alto Flute - 900


Combining a sterling silver headjoint with a silver-plated body tube and drawn tone holes, the 900 alto flute provides all the advantages of a handmade instrument. These flutes are made with plateau keys, offset G, and split E mechanism and are available...

Altus Bass Flute


A top choice among professionals and students, the Altus bass flute features a sterling silver lip plate and riser. Like its C flute counterparts, the Altus bass possesses the same breadth of tonal color and impeccable intonation among all registers...

Amadeus Alto Flute - 570


Sharing the same precision and dedication to craftsmanship as the Amadeus C flutes, the 570 alto flute offers quality and affordability. This flute comes with a hand-cut Amadeus silver-plated headjoint with sterling silver lip-plate and riser, pointed...

Amadeus Alto Flute - 670


Like the 570, the Amadeus 670 is made to exacting standards, ensuring the quality one expects from Haynes. With its hand-cut sterling silver Amadeus headjoint, silver-plated body, pointed key arms, and offset G key, it is sure to be a favorite among...

Di Zhao Alto Flute - DZ-100


One of the most affordable harmony flutes on the market, the DZ-100 offers a combination of comfort and projection through its available options. Pitched in G, this silver-plated instrument is paired with the standard Di Zhao mechanism for optimum...

Di Zhao Alto Flute - DZ-200


A significant upgrade from the DZ-100, this alto flute in G features a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint and sterling silver body designed to promote richness and resonance. Combined with its silver-plated mechanism and offset G key, this instrument is...

Di Zhao Bass Flute


Designed with the advancing musician in mind, the DZ-Bass pairs a precise mechanism with the flexibility of a hand-cut headjoint. Additionally, this flute features a silver-plated body and mechanism, offset G key, and curved headjoint, providing maximum...

Jupiter Alto Flute - 1000


Created with each player’s comfort in mind, Jupiter’s 1000 series alto flutes feature silver-plated headjoints and bodies for lightweight control. Pitched in G, each flute features stainless steel springs, offset G key, and choice of straight...

Jupiter Alto Flute - 1100E


Popular among amateurs and professionals, Jupiter’s 1100 series alto flute combines a sterling silver headjoint with a silver-plated body, providing a rich tonal palette and wide dynamic range. Jupiter 1100 series alto flutes feature stainless...

Jupiter Bass Flute - 1000


One of the most popular bass flute models, Jupiter’s bass flute features an all silver-plated instrument with pointed key arms and adjustable left hand crutch, affording optimal comfort to all players. Paired with the facility of a precise...

Miyazawa Alto Flute - SH


Combining a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint with a silver-plated body, the SH alto pairs the projection of silver with an impeccably accurate mechanism. Pitched in G, each flute features pointed key arms, offset G key, and grenadilla finger buttons...

Miyazawa Alto Flute - ST


Hand-crafted to meet exacting standards, the ST model features a sterling silver headjoint and body tube for optimal tonal depth and projection. Paired with a silver-plated mechanism, pointed key arms, offset G key, and grenadilla finger buttons, this...

Pearl Alto Flute


Featuring a pinless mechanism, the Pearl alto is certain to be a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. With many customizable options, including materials and configuration, this instrument is ideal for any musician. Individuals may choose a...

Pearl Bass Flute - PFB-305


The bass flute completes the harmony ensemble of instruments. Each headjoint is specially designed to promote ease of response and resonance in all registers and at any dynamic level. Like all Pearl flutes, the PFB-305 features a pinless mechanism...

Yamaha Bass Flute - YFL-B441II


Combining a gold-brass alloy curved headjoint with a sterling silver lip plate and riser, the Yamaha Bass Flute pairs the tonal advantages of silver with the comfort of a lightweight material. Coupled with a gold-brass alloy body, silver-plated keys,...