North Bridge Flutes


Making the transition from a student instrument to an instrument with professional features is an important decision for all musicians. The step-up instrument is the bridge that often transforms the aspiring musician into the professional artist. Choosing the right instrument can lead to significant musical progress, as well as great success and accomplishment.

All North Bridge flutes come with a hard French-style case, nylon case cover, and cleaning rod.

North Bridge Flute - NB-700


The most professional of the North Bridge flutes, the 700 offers many of the same advantages as the North Bridge 600 with the added benefit of pointed key arms. Combining a sterling silver hand-cut McKenna headjoint with a sterling silver body tube, this...

North Bridge Flute - NB-600


Combining affordability with precision, the North Bridge 600 offers many advantages to the advancing flutist. With its hand-cut sterling silver McKenna headjoint and sterling silver body tube, this flute provides flexibility and a wide range of colors...

North Bridge Flute - NB-500


Pairing a hand-cut sterling silver McKenna headjoint with a silver-plated body tube, the North Bridge 500 provides a wide range of dynamics and colors at an attractive price. Each flute features open holes, B footjoint, and pointed key arms, creating a...