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ERGObrass - Euphonium Support


Thes ErgoBrass support systems are the next step beyond simple straps hand braces designed to fully support brass instruments, helpful in reducing body stress and for players with injuries or other physical difficulties.  This can be set up to be...

1937 Olds Super Tenor Trombone


The Olds Super was one of the flagship tenor trombones from California maker Olds from the 1930's into the 1950's.  While more players are familiar with the 1940's and 50's version this pre-war era Super plays great and is a unique link to the...

Lake City 415 Flugabone


The flugabone was a popular design among brass players in the 1970's and early 1980's, combining the response and feel of the valve trombone with the warmth of the flugelhorn.  Originally designed as a marching instrument it was often used in...