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Schmitt Music has been a trusted partner to musicians in the upper Midwest since 1896. Our Schmitt Music Trombone Shop in Brooklyn Center, MN has been connecting our community with the world’s finest trombones and low-brass instruments since 2015.

We strive to provide all players with the resources they need to perfect their sound. As professional trombonists, educators, and technicians, we understand selecting an instrument is a very personal decision that takes careful consideration. Our specialists are here to make choosing your next trombone or low-brass instrument an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Please contact us at any time, or click here to learn more about the Trombone Shop.

Denis Wick Classic Trombone Mouthpieces


Designed in collaboration with the great British trombonist and teacher Denis Wick, the Denis Wick line of mouthpieces, mutes and accessories have become a standard choice for many musicians. The Classic gives clarity, precision, and a very easily...

Denis Wick Heavytop Trombone Mouthpieces


The Denis Wick Heavytop design combines the classic DW rim and cup shape with a heavier outer blank and provide fantastic projection and a dark, full, rich sonority. The huge mass of the HeavyTop mouthpiece gives it enormous carrying power.  For...

Milashius Custom Trombone Mouthpieces


Bill Milashius has been a fixture in the Twin Cities for many years as a builder of Thayer valves (under license from the Thayer family) and custom one-off brass mouthpieces and we are proud to be the exclusive retailer for his new line of trombone...

Parduba Trombone Mouthpieces


  The Parduba mouthpiece features a unique 2-cup design which provides a sligtly shallower outer profile for upper-range playing as well as a deeper inner cup for increased response and projection in the low range. These are available only in silver...

Schilke Standard Trombone Mouthpieces


Schilke mouthpieces have been popular with students and professionals for generations since Reynold Schilke started his company in the 1960's. Many players find them to be comfortable and free-blowing and models; many euphonium players recommend the 51D...

Stork Custom Trombone Mouthpieces


Stork Mouthpieces, originally located in New York and now based in Vermont, have been building custom mouthpieces for brass players for over 25 years and offers a wide variety of options for every player at an competitive price.  Stork trombone...