Spring Recital Workshop 2021


Discover the best new music for your spring piano recitals! Watch our Spring Recital Workshop on YouTube!

Cool Cats


Cool Cats is a collection of eleven jazz-style showcase solos, composed by Chrissy Ricker, dedicated to fur babies of the feline persuasion. This songbook is ideally suited for early intermediates and also includes a suggested listening guide...

Big Top Solos


Big Top Solos is a collection of ten circus-themed solos by Lisa Donovan Lukas featuring an array of tonal centers and styles. These selections are ideal showcase pieces for early intermediates of all ages.  

Outdoor Suite


This set of character pieces encourages student pianists to expand their vision and awareness of dynamic shading, contrasting articulations, touch and expression. Each of the six solos has been carefully crafted to fit the technical...

Hip-Hop Hare


An entertaining etude featuring down-up motions that really “hop”! This fun piece feels great in the hands, and features two-note slurs throughout with some scale passages... it sounds hard, but it’s surprisingly easy to...

The Renegade


Imagine roaming free, under the Big Sky! This exciting, rhythmic adventure for your “renegade” student pianists is a perfectly compact piece with a driving beat and melody that has a western-feel. Students explore easy syncopations in left...

Black Cat Prowl


Flowing, lyrical eighth notes in the right-hand chordal patterns spin into lush harmonies. This expressive piece teaches proper voicing and careful pedaling. Short yet sophisticated, a great choice for busy students.

Simple Serenity


Simple Serenity is a collection of fifteen easy lyrical solos composed by Jennifer Eklund. These calming pieces offer a great opportunity for beginners and late beginners to explore lyrical playing, rubato, octave shifts, and pedal work.  

Pond Reflections


Easy pieces in an impressionist style are hard to find. This little gem will delight both young and old students. It’s two pages long and in the key of F major with no eighth notes. It serves as an excellent introduction to harmonic pedaling...

Animal Antics


Explore the fun side of music with these playful pieces and imaginative lyrics depicting a wide variety of animals. These colorful works are perfect for study and/or recitals as elementary-level students are breaking free of 5-finger confines, playing...

Piece by Piece, Book B


These original piano solos offer students at the elementary level the opportunity to explore a variety of styles, techniques, and moods. The pieces require some hands-together playing and harmonic intervals. Challenges include reading accidentals and...

Wonderful Me!


Wonderful Me! is a celebration of each unique child and all the things that make him or her special. The composer created this collection to help children develop the language to think about themselves in positive ways, since self-esteem impacts...