This year marks Schmitt Music’s 84th annual event celebrating new music for educators! Shop the latest titles for piano and sacred choral below! Virtual EXPO sessions will be available via Schmitt Music's YouTube Channel, and you can still watch our 2020 events and check out our New Piano Music Session videos!


Sequential Kids' Piano Songs


Kids of all ages can play their favorites songs with Sequential Kids' Piano Songs! Starting with the easiest arrangements (hands alone, very simple rhythms), and continuing in order of difficulty (including hands together, syncopated rhythms and...

Simply Movies


Simply Movies Music from the Silver Screen: 20 Memorable MelodiesArranged by Dan Coates Piano BookLevel: Easy Piano Simply Movies is a collection of the most famous songs and themes from the world's greatest films. These have been carefully...

Traffic Zoo!


Traffic Zoo!By Dennis Alexander Piano SheetLevel: Elementary City traffic makes people behave like animals in a zoo! This busy elementary piano piece simulates the sound of honking car horns with a left hand part that moves between the bass and treble...

Blackbeard's Bounty


Blackbeard's BountyBy Dennis Alexander Piano SheetLevel: Late Elementary Treasure abounds in this F major solo written in 4/4 meter! The catchy melodic and rhythmic patterns will inspire students to a spirited performance. The music captures the...

Broadway Magic!


Broadway Magic!By Dennis Alexander Piano SheetLevel: Elementary Beginning students of all ages can experience the magic of Broadway through this energetic, Middle C position piece. Mild syncopation is created throughout with a quarter note-half...

Especially for Adults, Book 1


Especially for Adults, Book 1 11 Early Intermediate to Intermediate Motivating Piano Solos for Older StudentsBy Dennis Alexander Piano BookLevel: Early Intermediate / Intermediate Each book in this new series contains arrangements and original pieces...