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Left-hand broken chords create a warm harmonic texture in this reflective piece. Section A is in A minor in 3/4 time while the contrasting Section B is in A major in 4/4 time with both hands playing...

Mila's March


Add a touch of modernism to your next student recital with this easy-to-play march in a neoclassical style. Featuring alternating staccato 3rds in the L.H., polytonal chords, and a cheerful melody.

My Pet T-Rex


This ?ôvideo game suite?ö is set in the future, when scientists have created tiny, adoptable dinosaurs. You are the top chef whose job is to feed the hungry little T-Rex! Five short...

Sergei's Dream


Inspired by the lyricism of Rachmaninoff, this sensitive, artistic solo requires careful pedaling and voicing of the melody that the left-hand plays while crossed over the right hand. In 6/8 meter in...