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Trumcor Vintage Tone Trombone Mute


The Trumcor Vintage Tone trombone mute follows in the footsteps of the classic Solotone mutes of the 1920's and 30's.  Designed in wood and fiber material the Vintage Tone offers the classic Solotone sound called for in traditional jazz and popular...

Hercules HA100 Mute Holder


The HERCULES Mute Holder HA100 is designed for cornet, trumpet, trombone, or French horn mutes. Rings are covered with Specially Formulated Rubber Foam. HA100 has 270° of ring swivel. Designed for cornet, trumpet, trombone, and French horn mutes. ...

Humes & Berg Pixie Mute for Trombone


The Pixie mute allows the player an increased range of colors and effects in combination with plunger. Growls, vocalizations and wah-wah effects are enhanced by the Pixie and lends a unique timbre reminiscent of Tricky Sam Nanton and Al Grey.  (Pro...

Yamaha Silent Brass System Practice Mute


Brass instruments can be loud, but Yamaha devised a way for horn players to practice while listening to hi-fidelity sound that is only audible to the performer. The innovative, award-winning SILENT Brass systems provide musicians with the ultimate...