Denis Wick Cup Mute for Trombone


Denis Wick cup mutes have the perfect intonation that has become the hallmark for all Denis Wick mutes, with the added bonus that the cup position can be adjusted to give exactly the desired sound quality - for microphone, solo or section playing.

Denis Wick Practice Mute for Trombone


Denis Wick Practice Mutes offer a quiet, free-blowing and in-tune practice aid for student and professional alike. Precision designed, it offers a minimal amount of resistance and quick response throughout ranges and dynamics. A popular choice for many...

Denis Wick Straight Mute for Trombone


Made from high purity spun aluminum, these handmade mutes blend perfectly, provide unmatched brilliance and projection, and have excellent intonation. Available in aluminum, brass or copper bottom, Denis Wick offers the most comprehensive line of...

Hercules HA100 Mute Holder


The HERCULES Mute Holder HA100 is designed for cornet, trumpet, trombone, or French horn mutes. Rings are covered with Specially Formulated Rubber Foam. HA100 has 270° of ring swivel. Designed for cornet, trumpet, trombone, and French horn mutes. ...

Protec Liberty Practice Mute for Trombone


Liberty aluminum mutes are known for their high quality craftsmanship and materials, excellent playability, while being value priced. Compact practice mutes are practically free blowing and allow horn players to quietly warm up before a performance and...

Softone Bucket Mute for Trombone


Made of soft neoprene - the revolutionary design of the Softone Mute creates many mutes in one: bucket - hat - plunger - wah-wah - or stopped French horn. A light-weight and portable mute option for the working musician.

Sshhmute Practice Mute for Trombone


Needing to practice at odd times and in odd places over the years (and the absence of a suitable mute) was the reason Trevor Bremner designed the sshhmute. In development over several years in his New Plymouth workshop, the sshhmute is at long last in...