Etude, Method & Excerpt Books

Rubank Band Methods


One of the most widely used series of methods for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Using a very well-rounded approach including scales, arpeggios, technical studies, studies for musicianship, articulation studies, solos, duets, and...

10 Minute Warm-Up Routine - Davis


12 exercises and play????????¼along tracks featuring three variations per exercise. Take your playing and warm????????¼up to the next level with the latest book in Michael’s groundbreaking warm????????¼up series. Absolute efficiency and maximum...

20 Minute Warm-Up Routine - Davis


The 20 Minute Warm????????¼Up is a dynamic set of 15 cutting edge exercises and play????????¼along tracks that will both warm you up and work you out. It gives you the opportunity to play along with and emulate four of the world's finest...

Lips of Steel - David Baldwin & Alan Raph


Alan Raph has adapted trumpet virtuoso David Baldwins Lips of Steel method for the trombone, and now trombone players can experience tremendous satisfaction when reaching the end of a piece with strength, resilience, and breath remaining for that last...