Conn 8D Double Horn


Played by more professional players than any other French Horns in the world, the Conn 8D "CONNstellation" remains the top seller because of its tone color, intonation, response and volume capabilities. Nickel Silver = Darker Timbre, Subtle...

Yamaha YHR-671 Double Horn


Email The Trombone Shop for more information. Rebates are available. Please click here for more information. The new YHR-671 features a variety of exciting design changes for the advancing student or professional horn player while...

Hans Hoyer G10 Double Horn


The Hans Hoyer G10A Geyer Series Double Horn was developed with the aid of performing artist and teacher Orlando Pandolfi of the Hackley School in New York. The G10A Series features a .468-inch bore combined with a Geyer wrap and gold brass leadpipe...