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Jo Ral 4A Aluminum Bucket Mute for Trumpet


The Jo-Ral 4A Trumpet Bucket Mute features aluminum construction.The acoustic design of Jo-Ral trumpet mutes creates an exciting tonal quality that results in near-perfect intonation. Jo-Ral 4A Bucket Mutes are made of spun aluminum, and have been tested...

Sshhmute Trumpet Practice Mute


Needing to practice at odd times and in odd places over the years (and the absence of a suitable mute) was the reason Trevor Bremner designed the sshhmute.In development over several years in his New Plymouth workshop, the sshhmute is at long last in...

Trumcor Lyric Straight Mute for Trumpet


Often called "the job saver", this mute is designed for soft, delicate, lyrical passages found so often in symphonic, wind ensemble and solo literature. Its velvet sound blends well with all instruments. Articulation is responsive and clear, even at the...