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Schmitt Music has been a trusted partner to musicians in the upper Midwest since 1896. Our flute showroom in Brooklyn Center, MN has been connecting our community with the world’s finest flutes since its launch in 2014.

We strive to provide all players with the resources they need to perfect their sound. As professional flutists, educators, and technicians, we understand selecting an instrument is a very personal decision that takes careful consideration. Our specialists are here to make finding your flute an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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Muramatsu Flute - DS


Offering superior craftsmanship, research, and design, the DS model is ideal for the professional or semi-professional flutist. This solid silver flute seamlessly pairs an impeccably crafted mechanism with a breadth of tonal colors, making it a top...

Muramatsu Flute - EX


Featuring a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint and the same high-quality craftsmanship found in the GX and DS models, the Muramatsu EX is the ideal choice for the advancing flutist. Each headjoint is carefully cut and matched to its silver-clad body and...

Muramatsu Flute - Gold


The most sought-after flutes, Muramatsu flutes of gold and platinum stand in a class all their own. Receiving hours of attention and handwork, Muramatsu flutes made of 9k, 14k, 18k, 24k and platinum represent the finest instruments available. Gold Flute...

Muramatsu Flute - GX


Designed with the advancing flutist in mind, the Muramatsu GX features a hand-cut solid silver headjoint and silver body, providing depth of sound and ease of projection. All GX models feature a silver-clad professional key mechanism, open holes, and B...

Muramatsu Flute - SR

Entirely handmade of solid silver, the Muramatsu SR achieves superior levels of flute making. This limited-production silver flute comes with soldered tone holes and all the features of the DS flutes. Orders must be prepaid when placed, and delivery time...