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Schmitt Music has been a trusted partner to musicians in the upper Midwest since 1896, and The Flute Gallery has been connecting our community with the world’s finest flutes since its launch in 2015. We strive to provide all players with the resources they need to perfect their sound. As professional flutists, educators, and technicians, we understand selecting an instrument is a very personal decision that takes careful consideration.

The Flute Gallery carries fine instruments for the discerning player by makers including Altus, Azumi, Brannen, Burkart, Di Zhao, Guo, Hammig, Haynes, Jupiter, Miyazawa, Muramatsu, North Bridge, Pearl, Powell, Yamaha, and more. Our specialists are here to make finding your flute an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Please contact us at any time, or click here to learn more about the Schmitt Music Flute Gallery.

Muramatsu Flute - SR

Entirely handmade of solid silver, the Muramatsu SR achieves superior levels of flute making. This limited-production silver flute comes with soldered tone holes and all the features of the DS flutes. Orders must be prepaid when placed, and delivery time...

Muramatsu Headjoint - Silver Tsubasa


These handcut solid silver headjoints offer players the warmth and variety of tonal colors that have made Muramatsu a favorite of flutists around the globe. Learn about features Click a feature below to learn more Tsubasa Headjoint

North Bridge Flute - NB-500


Pairing a hand-cut sterling silver McKenna headjoint with a silver-plated body tube, the North Bridge 500 provides a wide range of dynamics and colors at an attractive price. Each flute features open holes, B footjoint, and pointed key arms, creating a...

North Bridge Flute - NB-600


Combining affordability with precision, the North Bridge 600 offers many advantages to the advancing flutist. With its hand-cut sterling silver McKenna headjoint and sterling silver body tube, this flute provides flexibility and a wide range of colors...

North Bridge Flute - NB-700


The most professional of the North Bridge flutes, the 700 offers many of the same advantages as the North Bridge 600 with the added benefit of pointed key arms. Combining a sterling silver hand-cut McKenna headjoint with a sterling silver body tube, this...

Pearl Alto Flute


Featuring a pinless mechanism, the Pearl alto is certain to be a favorite among amateurs and professionals alike. With many customizable options, including materials and configuration, this instrument is ideal for any musician. Individuals may choose a...

Pearl Bass Flute - PFB-305


The bass flute completes the harmony ensemble of instruments. Each headjoint is specially designed to promote ease of response and resonance in all registers and at any dynamic level. Like all Pearl flutes, the PFB-305 features a pinless mechanism...

Pearl Flute - Cantabile 8800RE


The introductory model in Pearl’s handmade line, the Cantabile offers many advantages to aspiring professionals. With its hand-cut sterling silver headjoint, body, and keys, this instrument combines the tonal depth of silver with the precision of a...

Pearl Flute - Dolce 695


The Dolce series is built in the same mold as the Elegante. Maintaining the Pearl commitment to accuracy of pitch and flexible articulation, this exceptional instrument allows aspiring artists to experience the advantages of a Pearl handmade flute...

Pearl Flute - Elegante 795


Featuring a dedication to handmade workmanship, precise intonation, and a brilliant sound, the Elegante series provides flutists with unrivaled confidence. Featuring a 3K Gold lip, C# trill key, and D# roller, the Vigore options for the...

Pearl Flute - Handmade Opera

Created by a single craftsman, the Opera series achieves the pinnacle of flute making. Each piece is meticulously and skillfully molded by hand to create an instrument with rich overtones and wide dynamic range. The Opera series is only...

Pearl Flute - Maesta 9701 (RE/RBE Models)


The heart of Pearl’s handmade flute tradition, the Maesta flute is revered by amateurs and professionals alike. Featuring Pristine Silver (.970 silver), these instruments offer a wide range of tonal colors and projection. Featuring Pristine Silver...