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New Piano Solos

Autumn Sketches


Autumn Sketches captures the beauty of fall and highlights activities that celebrate it. The first movement, "Farewell to Summer," contains sections in both 4/4 and 3/4 meter. Throughout, a lyrical melody flows over varied accompaniment styles,...

Blue Ridge Mountains


Captures the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains Blue Ridge Mountains captures the beauty of this section of the Appalachian Mountain range that stretches through the states from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The first movement, "Skyline Drive," is a...

Changing Leaves


8 Poetic Piano Solos in ABA Form Eight brief lyrical solos, each with a short poem to assist with interpretation. All the pieces are written in easy-to-memorize ternary (ABA) form which make them ideal for a first recital! Titles Changing...



Circles features 24 original character etudes by Phillip Keveren, representing all of the 12 major and minor keys. These brief solos range widely in emotion and each is absolutely delightful to play. The set was inspired by the calendar months from the...



Left-hand broken chords create a warm harmonic texture in this reflective piece. Section A is in A minor in 3/4 time while the contrasting Section B is in A major in 4/4 time with both hands playing thick, sonorous chords. It calls for expressive...

Easy Cool Cats


Jazzy Solos for Late Beginners & Up Easy Cool Cats, is a collection of twelve easy showcase solos composed by Chrissy Ricker. These jazzy solos represent a variety of genres and will appeal to late beginners and early intermediates of all ages!

Elephant Stampede


Quick and decisive, this solo in E minor creates excitement with a left-hand staccato ostinato. Right hand is in bass clef throughout but stays in E minor position. The driving rhythm and forte dynamic is easy to learn and to play; a good introduction to...

Impresiones de Espana


6 gorgeous piano solos inspired by a recent trip to Spain! Each title represents a city Mona explored and became fond of. The sights and sounds of the country are beautifully conveyed in each harmony and rhythmic motif. Includes notes from the composer...