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School Band & Orchestra

Humistat Humidifier Model 1


Perfect For Violins, Violas, Mandolins, and Ukuleles, Humistat Humidifiers show you exactly when you need to add water in order to help protect your instrument against warping or other damages to the wood. 

Artino Cello Practice Mute


The heavy metal Artino Practice Mute offers greater dampening over rubber mutes, allowing you to practice in quieter environments.  The mute also features a protective coating so your bridge and strings are not damaged by the metal on the mute...

Ingles Violin/Viola Stand


The Ingles Violin and Viola Stand is a rugged, durable stand that keeps your instrument, bow, and rosin within reach.  Foam cradles keep the stand from wearing away at your finish, a locking bar over the neck prevents forward falls, and a small...