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Step Up To Yamaha!

As your student advances, their instrument should keep up with them. Now you can save with a $50 or $100 rebate on all qualifying models.  Rebates are available from the Yamaha website after purchase.

Check out our most popular Yamaha options! Jump to Flutes, Saxophones, Trumpets, or Trombones.

Yamaha Flutes

300 Series Flutes - $50 Rebate

One of the most popular intermediate flutes, the Yamaha YFL-362/382 features a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint, affording players of all levels a truly professional sound. Each headjoint is paired with a silver-plated body and keys, B footjoint, open holes, pointed key arms, and drawn tone holes. Players may customize each instrument by choosing either inline (YFL-382) or offset (YFL-362) G key and upgrading to a gold-plated lip plate.

400 Series Flutes - $50 Rebate

Featuring a hand-cut sterling silver headjoint, the Yamaha YFL-462/482 offers a range of tonal colors and clarity of articulation well suited to the advancing student flutist. Combined with a sterling silver body, silver-plated keys, open holes, B footjoint, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, and choice of inline (YFL-482) or offset (YFL-462) G key, this flute stands in a class of its own. Each flute may be further customized with the addition of a gold-plated lip plate to create a truly special instrument.

500 Series Flutes - $100 Rebate

The first in Yamaha’s professional line of flutes, these 500 series instruments feature a sterling silver hand-finished modified type A headjoint, offering incredible response and a wide dynamic range. Combined with a silver-plated body, open holes, B footjoint, pointed key arms, and split E mechanism, the 500 series flutes offer aspiring flutists all the advantages of a custom instrument at an attractive price. Each flute comes with options for inline (YFL-587) or offset (YFL-577) G key, C# trill key, and gold-plated lip plate.

600 Series Flutes - $100 Rebate

Pairing the response and dynamic range of the modified A headjoint with a sterling silver body, Yamaha’s 600 series flutes offer a wide color palette and precise mechanism sure to meet the exacting standards of the most discerning flutists. Each flute features silver-plated keys, open holes, pointed key arms, drawn tone holes, stainless steel springs, Straubinger pads, heavy wall tubing (.43mm), and split E mechanism for ultimate precision. Additionally, each flute features customizable options, including the choice of inline (YFL-687) or offset (YFL-677) G key, C# trill key, and gold-plated lip plate.


Yamaha Saxophones

YAS-62III Alto Saxophone - $50 Rebate

A favorite among band directors for decades, the 62 model saxophones (and their predecessor, the 61) have redefined the market by offering superior quality and durability at an affordable price. Introduced in 1979, the YAS-62 and YTS-62 saxophones withstand the tests of time and competition and have been in a continual state of improvement since the launch of the YAS-61 in 1969. The new YAS-62III carries the tradition of excellence forward while introducing firther refinements to the already sound design of the 62.

YAS-82ZII Custom Z Alto Saxophone - $100 Rebate

On the 10th Anniversary of their introduction, the Custom Z saxophones have been reexamined from neck to bell. They now offer the ultimate combination of expressiveness, response and control while staying true to their free-spirited origins. Since the Custom Z was developed in 2003, the technology, craftsmanship and specifications of the Custom Z series have continued to improve to fulfill the needs of the highest level musicians. 

YTS-62III Tenor Saxophone - $50 Rebate

Already a legend, the “62” attained the love and respect of a wide range of players for its highly reliable performance and outstanding quality. It owes its success to a group of dedicated designers with great vision, and highly skilled craftsmen performing their work with an extraordinary level of devotion, perfection, and passion.

YTS-82ZII Custom Z Tenor Saxophone - $100 Rebate

In the tradition of those coveted vintage saxophones, the 82Z now comes equipped with a one-piece bell. This feature drastically improves low end response and offers the player a wider palette of tonal color. More elaborate with finer detail, the new engraving design offers delicate beauty.


Yamaha Trumpets

YTR-6335 Bb Trumpet - $50 Rebate

The YTR-6335 features a medium-large bore and a yellow-brass bell for a big sound with clear projection. It has the kind of flexibility needed for playing in a quintet or in the studio but enough tonal power for lead or orchestral work.

YTR-8335IIS Xeno Series Bb Trumpet - $100 Rebate

The Xeno Series represents a fusion of craftsmanship that involves outstanding instrument design, advanced technology, and the experience, talent, and dreams of respected artists around the world. These are trumpets that inspire. Their outstanding power and projection combines with refined resistance and response for extraordinary tonal flexibility. Xeno trumpets continue to evolve with the artists who play them, towards the ultimate goal of ideal musical expression.

YTR-8335IIRS Reverse Leadpipe Xeno Series Bb Trumpet - $100 Rebate

This model adopts a unique “reverse-style” design with staggered main pipe valve slides, creating a smooth response. A heavy mouthpiece receiver and daring removal of the third valve water key results in a superb balance of playability and tonal quality. With this model, musicians will be able to produce a firm sound in all dynamic ranges, from delicate pianissimo to powerful fortissimo.

Yamaha YTR-9335CHSIII Custom Xeno Artist Model Chicago Bb Trumpet - $100 Rebate

The Chicago Series was developed in close cooperation with John Hagstrom of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. A fusion of traditional style and state-of-the-art design achieves a comfortable resistance and a tone that is both brilliant and deep. The C and Bb trumpets have consistently outstanding feel and playability throughout their ranges, so switching instruments is smooth and seamless.

Yamaha Horns

YHR-668NDII - $100 Rebate

YHR-671D - $100 Rebate


Yamaha Trombones

YSL-548GOAL Allegro Trombone - $50 Rebate

YSL-882 Trombone - $100 Rebate

YBL-830 Xeno Bass Trombone - $100 Rebate

The Yamaha YBL-830 Xeno bass trombone is the most popular bass trombone currently offered by Yamaha, offering a balance in sound, response and affordability. It features a 9 1/2" one-piece yellow brass bell, .563" bore and dual independent rotors. The YBL-830 is very representative of the Xeno line; balanced sound with good projection, even playing from bottom to top and easy to play.

Yamaha Euphoniums

YEP-642SII Euphonium - $100 Rebate