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Passion for performance. Quality that resonates.

LAKE CITY is driven by a passion to create, and to empower others to create, through music. Our brass, woodwind, and string instruments offer exceptional quality, playability, performance, and value.  We're offering additional value with a $100 instant rebate with the purchase of Lake City Saxophones, TrumpetsTrombones, and Euphoniums


Dedication to craft

We understand that making music requires dedication and evolution throughout a lifetime. We put that same dedication and eye for improvement into every product that carries our name.

Collaborative expertise

As musicians ourselves, we have a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and wants, allowing us to offer active guidance.

Passion for performance

Our most important mission is to empower players and performers to do their best by offering them tools, equipment, and inspiration that further their unique goals.

Respect for value

Our unique approach to creation and distribution allows Lake City to offer better products without increasing costs to our customers.

Dynamic attention to detail

Each thing that we make, from our instruments to the tiniest accessory, is designed by musicians to be better than it was before, more playable, easier-to-use, more effective, and ultimately provide the best value in its category.


Lake City Saxophones


Lake City 415 Alto Saxophone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

One of our most popular intermediate alto saxophones, the Lake City LCAS-415 Alto Saxophone features rolled tone holes, dark cognac lacquer finish and Pisoni pads this saxophone offers a broad sound with a mechanically efficient keyboard.


Lake City 415 Tenor Saxophone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

The Lake City LCTS-415 Tenor Saxophone is designed with the advancing player in mind. Featuring rolled tone holes, dark cognac lacquer finish and Pisoni pads this saxophone offers a broad sound with a mechanically efficient keyboard.


Lake City 415 Soprano Saxophone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

The Lake City LCSS-415 Soprano Saxophone is the newest addition to the Lake City line of fine step-up instruments.  It shares its dark cognac lacquer finish, rolled tone holes, and Pisoni pads with Lake City's other saxophone offerings, allowing for the same broad tone.  



Lake City Trumpets


Lake City 415 Trumpet - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

The Lake City TRLC-415 Professional Trumpet has been designed with the advancing player in mind. A hand-crafted yellow brass bell and yellow brass reverse tuning slide provide a lower resistance playing experience with great focus and resonance. This trumpet is appropriate for solo work, small and large ensembles. Silver plated and satin lacquer finish options allow you to customize to your ideal sound.

A new edition of the Lake City Professional Trumpet is coming soon, so remaining inventory is priced to sell at $1499.00! With an additional $100 instant rebate at checkout on top of that, this is an outstanding value. 



Lake City Trombones


Lake City 415 Alto Trombone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

Inspired by classic German altos, the Lake City alto trombone features a 7" one-piece bell (available in yellow or gold brass), a .495" handslide with nickel silver outer tubes and yellow brass crook, and a curved handslide brace.  Designed to provide a true alto sound and response at an excellent price, the Lake City 415 is a great fit for the student looking to begin studying alto trombone, the enthusiast wanting to add alto trombone to their repertoire and the pro wanting a solid double or backup alto.  Comes with contoured hard shell case.



Lake City 415 Large Bore Tenor Trombone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

The Lake City LCTB-415 Professional Trombone is designed with the advancing student and discerning player in mind. Combining a quick, even response with an open timbre and excellent projection, this trombone is versatile enough to balance in large ensembles while retaining the tonal flexibility required for chamber and solo performances. Available in yellow (LCTB-415) or gold brass (LCTB-415G).


Lake City Euphoniums


Lake City 415 Compensating Euphonium - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout!

This euphonium features 4 hand-lapped piston valves, a yellow brass body and rose brass leadpipe in a silver plated finish.

The 3+1 compensating valve configuration allows advancing students to improve their intonation. A rose brass leadpipe with a .590" bore promotes a balanced, even response throughout the instrument. Its 11.75" yellow brass bell provides color and width to your sound, and a silver plated finish gives the instrument better projection and clarity than other instruments in the same price range. This instrument is an outstanding choice for intermediate players and is appropriate for both solo and ensemble performance.