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Should You Step-Up To A Performance or Professional Level Instrument?

As a student’s musicianship advances, they will need an instrument that will complement their growth. Jupiter and Azumi performance level instruments include some features found on professional instruments. These instruments provide a more focused sound with improved intonation and response. We emphasize great attention to detail in the design and manufacturing of our intermediate instruments, utilizing high quality materials and workmanship.

In addition to refined keywork our performance level woodwinds include features such as sterling silver headjoints (flutes) and Grenadilla wood bodies (clarinets). Our valved performance level brasswind instruments have tighter tolerances. The 1100 series double French horns, F-attachment trombones and 4-valve euphoniums include enhancements that will extend the range beyond those of standard instruments.

For those players who demand perfection, XO Brass instruments are professional level instruments made with the highest quality materials available, in state-of-the-art facilities, by exceptionally skilled artisans.

Whatever instrument your musician has chosen to play, KHS America provides the perfect solution to achieve their musical goals. Our unmatched “Guaranteed until you Graduate” warranty (10 years for XO Brass) will ensure years of durability and enjoyment of your chosen instrument.

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Azumi AZ1 Flute - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The AZ1 includes a hand-cut Altus Z-cut professional headjoint with sterling silver lip plate and riser. It features a silver-plated body, B footjoint, open holes, and pointed key arms. Each AZ-1 includes customizable options to fit every player, including inline or offset G and split E mechanism.

Azumi AZ2 Flute - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

One of the most popular models available, the AZ-2 is ideal for the advancing student flutist. Each flute features a sterling silver hand-cut Altus Z-cut professional headjoint, silver-plated body, B footjoint, stainless steel springs, and pointed key arms. Additionally, each AZ-2 comes with options for inline or offset G and split E mechanism.

Azumi AZ3 Flute - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

Featuring a hand-cut sterling silver Altus Z-cut professional headjoint, the AZ-3 offers a professional advantage to the high school flutist or early college performer. Each flute includes a sterling silver body, stainless steel springs, pointed key arms, and B footjoint, as well as customizable options of inline or offset G, split E mechanism, C# trill key, and D# roller.

Jupiter AF1000 Alto Flute - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

Created with each player’s comfort in mind, Jupiter’s 1000 series alto flutes feature silver-plated headjoints and bodies for lightweight control. Pitched in G, each flute features stainless steel springs, offset G key, and choice of straight headjoint (1000S), or combination of straight and curved headjoints (1000X).

Jupiter AF1100E Alto Flute - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

Popular among amateurs and professionals, Jupiter’s 1100 series alto flute combines a sterling silver headjoint with a silver-plated body, providing a rich tonal palette and wide dynamic range. Jupiter 1100 series alto flutes feature stainless steel springs, offset G key, and split E mechanism for optimal control in all registers. Each flute is available with straight headjoint (1100E), or combination of straight and curved headjoints (1100XE).



Jupiter CL1100S Clarinet - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

This is Jupiter's intermediate Bb clarinet, ideal for the student who has demonstrated commitment and sustained interest. It has a satisfying timbre and excellent dynamic range that will permit a student to interpret all of the common secondary and even tertiary literature a progressing musician is likely to encounter. It is beautifully made, lovely to behold and is possessed of a sound and playability that will engage a focused player.



Jupiter SS1100 Soprano Saxophone - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The JSS1100 gold lacquered soprano saxophone is a perfect example of the classic hand-crafted design coupled with modern technology. The JSS1100 is the perfect soprano saxophone to round out the saxophonist's arsenal.



Jupiter TR1100 Trumpet - $100 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The Jupiter 1100S intermediate Bb trumpet is a great-sounding, easy-playing trumpet with solid intonation and has features that are often solely found on professional-level instruments. With its less-resistant reverse leadpipe, it is suitable for students and professionals alike.

XO 1600i

XO 1602S-LTR Trumpet - $200 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The 1602-LTR lightweight Bb trumpet is designed for experienced trumpet players and brings a totally different sound and feel to the XO Trumpet lineup. This free-blowing lightweight trumpet enhances the upper overtones without abandoning the lower harmonics in the series. The 1602-LTR comes standard in a silver-plated finish. Lacquered finish and silver-plated/gold-plated trims are available by special order.

XO 1604S-R Bb Trumpet - $200 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The XO 1604 Bb trumpet is the perfect instrument for musicians who need to be flexible. With its balanced overtones, the 1604 is used by musicians who play in many genres and in diverse musical settings. The 1604 is available in Standard and Reverse leadpipe and comes standard in a silver-plated finish. Lacquered finish and silver-plated/gold-plated trims are available by special order.



XO 1700RS Bb/A Piccolo Trumpet - $200 Instant Rebate at Checkout

XO’s fine selection of professional C trumpets and piccolo trumpets satisfies the demands of symphonic and orchestral players as well as the seasoned amateur. By incorporating both premium quality appointments and meticulous handcrafting from the finest materials, XO creates a quality instrument that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.



XO 1240L-T Bass Trombone - $200 Instant Rebate at Checkout

The XO 1240 independent valve bass trombone is the perfect combination of traditional, professional brass instrument manufacturing with computer-aided and highly specialized production processes. Optimum response and resonance in a consistently superior instrument.


Models coming soon!


Models coming soon!