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Schmitt Music has been a trusted partner to musicians in the upper Midwest since 1896. Our Schmitt Music Trombone Shop in Brooklyn Center, MN has been connecting our community with the world’s finest trombones and low-brass instruments since 2015.

We strive to provide all players with the resources they need to perfect their sound. As professional trombonists, educators, and technicians, we understand selecting an instrument is a very personal decision that takes careful consideration. Our specialists are here to make choosing your next trombone or low-brass instrument an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Please contact us at any time, or click here to learn more about the Trombone Shop.

Humes & Berg Pixie Mute for Trombone


The Pixie mute allows the player an increased range of colors and effects in combination with plunger. Growls, vocalizations and wah-wah effects are enhanced by the Pixie and lends a unique timbre reminiscent of Tricky Sam Nanton and Al Grey.  (Pro...